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What is a ceilidh?

Traditional music on Prince Edward Island is as woven into the fabric of our culture as the colour red is unique to our soil.

A PEI ceilidh is a social gathering highlighting traditional music, dance and stories of Prince Edward Island and our ancestral roots.

In the olden days, ceilidhs (kitchen parties) were held at someone’s home. People would gather on a weekend to sing, dance and enjoy music. Back then, it wasn’t the fast-paced life we are accustomed to today. Before the days of television, cars, radios and internet, entertainment was provided by people who loved music. Amateur or professional, everyone would gather around an upright piano with their instruments and their voices. Ceilidhs always included something good to eat and a good time!

Today, we try to recreate the energy and music of days gone by with a gathering at a hall in a concert-like setting. If there is one thing that Islanders are known for, it’s their hospitable nature and their desire to have a good time! Ceilidhs offer a relaxed environment to sit down, tap your toes and to feel the music.

Sheet Music

A tune to try! If you play an instrument, I composed a tune in honour of our Chief Public Health Officer on Prince Edward Island, Dr. Heather Morrison! Throughout these uncertain times, you can count on her kind, intelligent and caring mannerism; She is a proud Islander, like us. So here’s to you Dr. Morrison […]

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Stanley Bridge Hall Ceilidh – Wednesday Nights (July, August, September) – The Chaisson’s with Sheila MacKenzie & Troy MacGillivray

Stanley Bridge Hall: Let’s have a ceilidh! What is a ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee)? Our Ceilidh is a celebration of music connecting traditional music from Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island! What can you expect? An evening of music complete with stories, fiddling, song, laughter and of course, the best step dancing on red soil […]

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