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What is a Ceilidh?

Traditional Music on Prince Edward Island is as engrained in the fabric of our culture just as the colour red is so unique to our soil.

A PEI Ceilidh is a social gathering highlighting traditional music, dance and stories of Prince Edward Island and our ancestral roots.

In the old days, ceilidhs/kitchen parties were held at someones house. People would gather on a weekend to sing, dance and enjoy music. Remember, in those days, it wasn't the fast paced type of life we are accustomed to today. If you can think before the days of televisions, cars, radio's etc. - the entertainment would be provided by people who loved music. Whether you were an amateur or a professional - people would gather around an upright piano with their instruments and their voices. Ceilidhs/Kitchen Parties always included something good to eat and a good time.

Today, we try to re-create the energy and music of the days by with a gathering at a hall in a concert type setting. If there is one thing that Islanders are known for, it's their hospitable nature and their desire to have a good time! Ceilidhs offer a relaxed environment to sit down, tap your toes and to feel the music.

Fun PEI Ceilidh Facts:

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Fun PEI Ceilidh fact:

Our most frequently asked question....Ceilidh is pronounced KAYLEE!!

Marsha Weeks

Fun PEI Ceilidh Fact:

Marsha Weeks

Fun PEI Ceilidh Fact:

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